Why blog? And for Whom?

I suppose I have a reader in mind, a mysterious x who has the characteristics of many of my friends rolled into one entity, my audience. As it is predominantly my real life friends who read my ramblings anyway, I guess I am not far from the truth.
So, the point then? Why do I write?
Hmmm…. well, to help me think things through, to hopefully have someone who is intelligent comment on what I have written and make me think something new, see something from another angle, questions my assumptions, or affirm my own position. It is always nice to preach to the choir, especially since my choir is rather small. The opinions expressed here are hardly mainstream.
I write to practice with words, so that my future self can be better than I am at explaining her ideas.
Or perhaps I am just bored, and while I wouldn’t say that I am lonely, I do have a lot of time to fill.

Why do you write? Who is it that you think of when you are writing?


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